Q:Do you sell brand name pills?
A:Yes, we sell only Branded Pills.

Q:Do you require a prescription before purchasing on your site?
A:Notice that we do not require any prescription for anything you can order on our site, but we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before ordering anything from us.

Q:What shipping rates do you have?
A:The shipping rates may vary depending on the shipping option you choose, the country of the destination, and the products you order. To find out the shipping cost, you should add desired products to shopping cart, and proceed to checkout.

Q:Do you ship internationally?
A:We ship to most worldwide countries. Please contact our Customer Service or check the order form to find out the available delivery options for your region.

Q:How orders are being sent?
A:We understand that your confidentiality and anonymity is important when you place an order online with us. That's why our orders are sent in discreet looking packages without any information of the contents on the outside of the package.

Q:What if the package is damaged or something is missing?
A:In this case you are to contact our support team and notify of the problem. We will either resend the package or refund your payment. See our Delivery Guarantee for more information.

Q:What sum do I have to pay if you reship the product?
A:We will reship the product free of charge. No additional charges will be placed.

Q:What if the order isn?t received during the delivery time?
A:If the order isn?t received during the delivery time we guarantee to reship the product free of charge or give your money back.

Q:When will my credit card be charged?
A:As soon as you fill in the form at the checkout page and press the "Submit" button, the information is transmitted to our processing centre where it is checked and thus the credit card is charged. As soon as the payment is authorized, your order is approved and processed.

Q:Do you have the money back guarantee?
A:In case of non-delivery of the product we guarantee to return the money.